• Why Vanuatu's Lucrative 'Passports For Sale' Scheme Is Popular
    Why Vanuatu's Lucrative 'Passports For Sale' Scheme Is Popular

    Are you in the market for a second passport? one that can get you into scores of countries — including Europe, the UK, Hong Kong, Singapore and Russia — without needing a visa? Or perhaps you'd like to park your money in a tax haven where there are no personal or corporate income taxes. Maybe you'd just like to get away from the rat race and live on a picturesque tropical island in the South Pacific. Vanuatu, then, could be the place for you. KEY POINTS Applicants can become a Vanuatu citizen without needing to set foot in the country It costs about $220,000 for a single application and more for couples and families More than 4,000 passports have been sold under the scheme, with most to Chinese citizens These are some of the selling points of Vanuatu's citizenship by investment scheme, or cash-for-passports as it's also known locally. Sales have been booming in recent years, providing the Government with an unexpected but lucrative source of revenue. SO HOW DOES IT WORK? Many countries have citizenship by investment schemes, but often applicants are required to become permanent residents first and then only after several years do, they become eligible to become a citizen. Under Vanuatu's scheme, successful applicants can become citizens within a matter of months, and there's no requirement to reside in the country or even set foot on Vanuatu soil at all. It costs around $220,900 for a single application and more for couples and families. Interested parties submit their applications through Alan and Partners which oversees the entire process. The Government's Financial Intelligence Unit performs the job of screening an applicant's criminal and financial backgrounds. Once approved, freshly minted citizens can then apply for the real prize, a Vanuatu passport.

  • Global Volatility Drives Demand For European Residence Programs
    Global Volatility Drives Demand For European Residence Programs

    Portugal remains the top destination of choice for most investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Likewise, wealthy Brazilians are now among the top five nationalities investing in Portugal’s residency program, which includes a minimum real estate investment option of EUR 350,000. Alan and Partners is also seeing a significant uptick in interest in the Greece Golden Visa Program which requires a minimum property investment of EUR 250,000 and a pathway to citizenship after seven years of residence. With the current tourism boom, acquiring real estate in Greece is now one of the most profitable types of investments, with ample opportunities for capital appreciation in a depressed real estate market. From being on the brink of bankruptcy a decade ago, Greece is quickly becoming a leading destination for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads due to its exceptional and relatively low cost of living. To find out which plan suits you the most, contact one of our experts at Alan and Partners (A&P). Only experts know complete details of RBI and CBI programs.

  • Why are Countries Offering Paid Citizenship
    Why are Countries Offering Paid Citizenship

    It is the smaller countries that benefit the most from citizenship selling. The economic citizenship program is a significant source of revenue for these countries. They require a minimum qualifying period before you can become a citizen. However, you need to go through the investment terms and conditions in detail before you hold dual citizenship. With people wanting to hold citizenships in two countries, there has been a steep rise in the number of applicants in the last few years. Apart from the number of applications, the IMF also points out the massive rise in the capital inflow of these countries. Among the countries offering paid citizenship, Dominica provides one of the cheapest options for interested applicants. Plus, you have the option to become a citizen by investing in a government-approved real estate program. When you have options for dual citizenship, it becomes easier to choose between the two depending on how much money you can afford to spend. This makes the program popular among real estate investors who want to explore opportunities in another country. When small countries offer paid citizenships to foreigners, it encourages a massive amount of investment in that country. The revenue collected by the public sector from these paid citizenship programs in St. Kitts and Nevis was equivalent to 25% of their GDP back in 2013. The Caribbean has also seen a massive increase in revenue flowing into their public sector for the last few years. Apart from the Caribbean, many European nations are also benefiting from the citizenship by investment programs. Portugal reportedly saw an increase of 13% in their GDP in 2014 because of the surge in paid citizenship applications. IS IT WORTH IT? Dual citizenship offers a plethora of benefits. It makes travelling a lot easier; you can own properties legally in both countries and participate in the local elections. Moreover, when you have such an easy option to get the second citizenship, why wait any longer? If you have the cash, you have the citizenship. It doesn't get any simpler than that.

  • 5 Reasons to Choose ALAN AND PARTNERS
    5 Reasons to Choose ALAN AND PARTNERS

    Reasons to Choose ALAN AND PARTNERS 1- The company has a team of highly qualified and skilled people 2- Alan and Partners has a rich history of providing excellent services 3- The firm has a network of satisfied clients to mark our success 4- Over the years, we have served clients from over 47 different countries 5- Our company has so far established a strong presence throughout the Middle East and beyond

  • Why Do Foreigners Want to Get ST.KITTS and NEVIS Citizenship?
    Why Do Foreigners Want to Get ST.KITTS and NEVIS Citizenship?

    St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship by investment (CBI) program is the oldest in this world. The government established it in 1984. Over the past 35 years, the CBI program went through some significant changes: the investment amount was lowered, the rules and regulations became less complicated. In other words, the authority of St. Kitts and Nevis tried to create the most comfortable conditions for foreigners. ST. KITTS CITIZENSHIP HAS OTHER ADVANTAGES Free movement around the world due to a visa-free regime with more than 150 countries, including Latin America, Schengen countries and the UK; The benefits of being in the Commonwealth of Nations; Favourable tax environment with no taxes on world income, wealth, dividends, inheritance; Opportunity to have dual citizenship; Possibility to apply for a long-term visa to Canada and the United States. Conditions of obtaining a St. Kitts and Nevis passport The CBI program has two main options of investment: 1. Donation of $150,000 or more in the Saint Kitts fond. This investment isn’t refundable. 2. An investment of at least $200,000 in a real estate project officially approved by the government. You can sell the project in 7 years and get the amount back. So, you can conclude that buying a property is a better deal if you want to return your investment. Besides, if you choose a profitable project, you’ll get a pleasant bonus as an annual income (the majority of projects are hotels and resorts). Organize St. Kitts and Nevis residency for your family members too. The program permits the participation of your spouse, children under 30 and the elderly parents over 55 by additional investment. All of them can enjoy the benefits of a local passport. The procedure of St. Kitts and Nevis citizenship registration Applicant must prove the investment money come from a legal source, he/she has no criminal records and sanctions. The investor’s health, as well as the health of those in the application, should be in good condition (no contagious diseases). The process of preparing the documents and submitting the application are the most responsible parts. Migronis provides legal assistance in obtaining citizenship in popular offshore zones, including Saint Kitts and Nevis. You can learn more about their services at migronis-citizenship.com/saintkitts-and-nevis. Note: You can’t apply for citizenship yourself. Only a certified agent can submit your documents to the CBI Unit. After signing the contract at the office of the company or remotely, the preparation of the necessary paperwork and filling out the submission form begins. Migronis takes care of translation and notarization of documents and also helps to get necessary documents if needed. A visit to the island during and after the citizenship obtaining process isn’t required. Application processing time is from 5 to 7 months. You can consult specialists at any time. The company also takes responsibility to notify you of the need to renew your passport after 10 years. About St. Kitts and Nevis The island federation is popular with tourists who want solitude and exotic. This isn’t surprising since it has a friendly tropical climate with rare rains and comfortable temperatures. The official language is English. The country is visited by about 250 thousand people a year. St. Kitts and Nevis have several places suitable for high-quality vacation. It also houses one of the UNESCO legacies, Brimstone Hill Fortress, which is located not far from Sandy Point Town. Agriculture is the foundation of the local economy. Saint Kitts and Nevis is a famous supplier of sugar, cotton and tobacco products. The main countries for export are the USA and Malaysia. The manufacturing area on the island focuses on processing raw materials mainly.

  • How to Obtain Dominica’s Citizenship Through Investment
    How to Obtain Dominica’s Citizenship Through Investment

    How to Obtain Dominica’s Citizenship Through Investment and Why it is Very Important? Investors can make a one-time contribution to a government-held fund or buy into shares of selected real estate, such as Cabrits Resort Kempinski, in exchange for Dominican citizenship. After passing all due diligence checks, successful applicants gain access to visa-free and visa-on-arrival travel to approximately 140 destinations, increased business opportunities and the possibility to pass down their citizenship to future generations. Revenue generated from the Economic Diversification Fund is then directed into several areas of Dominican society including healthcare, education, climate resilience, tourism, infrastructure and more. For the last two years, Dominica has been ranked as offering the world's best economic citizenship by the Financial Times' Professional Wealth Management magazine, particularly for its efficiency, affordability and high due diligence standards. Apply today for Antigua and Barbuda citizenship to travel the world freely and avail a host of great benefits. Schedule a no-obligation consultation today with our citizenship experts.  

  • The Benefits of Obtaining a Dual Citizenship
    The Benefits of Obtaining a Dual Citizenship

    Once you manage to get your dual citizenship, there will be a host of benefits waiting for you: OWN PROPERTY IN BOTH COUNTRIES Owning properties in two countries require much permission. You must comply with the local laws, rules, and regulations. However, with dual citizenship, the entire process becomes much more comfortable. Property ownership becomes more economical after you get the second citizenship as well. GREAT PRIVILEGES AND BENEFITS You acquire various benefits and privileges when you hold dual citizenship. Imagine being able to vote during elections in the two countries, serve office, and take advantage of different social systems. Most importantly, there are hardly any travel restrictions. Different countries have various restrictions on travellers when they travel from one city to another. All these restrictions are usually taken off when you are a citizen of that country. Also, you will not require a work permit in the country where you hold second citizenship. You can attend universities without any particular clause at domestic tuition fees. NO MORE VISA DELAYS Work permits or long-stay visas usually take days to get approved. If you frequently travel to a specific country and there is a visa problem every time, you will feel frustrated. However, when you have dual citizenship, it guarantees you the right to enter the country without requiring a visa. This makes your traveling and staying in the other region easier. With two passports, you can forget the anxiousness caused by visa delays. There is no doubt that dual citizenship provides you with numerous benefits. If you are in the real estate business, dual citizenship opens doors to more investment opportunities. As this industry continues to grow, you will have more avenues to invest in and grow your money.  

  • Five Important Questions to Ask When Investing in an American Visa
    Five Important Questions to Ask When Investing in an American Visa

    The EB5 visa, which was launched in the 1990s, is a popular option for investors wishing to emigrate to the United States. Investors qualify for green cards, and ultimately US citizenship, through their investment in a government-approved development. This program has been enormously popular with thousands of investors from all around the world, who have invested in securing their right to emigrate to the US. LET'S RUN THROUGH THOSE FIVE IMPORTANT QUESTIONS THAT YOU NEED TO ASK BEFORE YOU INVEST 1. Do developers have a proven track record, and do they work in partnership with big brand hotel groups? Developers work in partnership with big names in the hospitality sector and have already completed many EB projects. 2. What guarantees are in place to protect your investment, and that the project will be completed? Developers have billions worth of assets under management, a guarantee to ensure a 100% refund of your investment if your application is unsuccessful. 3. How is the project funded, and how do developers plan to support to create the required jobs during the course of the project? The project the developers recommend is fully funded, and all the required jobs are created through the construction phase. 4. What credit rating do the developers have? Developers have an A1 credit rating with Moody’s and A+ with S&P Global. 5. Do the developers have 1-924 pre-approval, to ensure a faster processing time of your application? Developers secured pre-approval, so you can expect your I-526 application to be processed quickly.

  • Investors are Snapping Up Real Estate on Malta to Get EU Citizenship
    Investors are Snapping Up Real Estate on Malta to Get EU Citizenship

    Thanks to a robust economy and government incentives to foreign buyers and businesses, Malta's property market is one of the world's healthiest. Asking prices have increased by more than 10% in the past year, according to Knight Frank's latest Global House Price Index. The island is drawing in overseas buyers, who are paying anywhere from $247,000 for a two-bedroom apartment on the south coast to $505,000 for a two-bedroom apartment. A four-bedroom estate in the northern part of the island is going for $4.7 million. Malta's great weather, lack of a language barrier, and laid-back lifestyle hold much appeal for foreign buyers, but there are more significant advantages at play. Malta's investor program (IIP) offers citizenship to applicants who rent or buy a property. They're taxed relatively little — income tax is a maximum of 35%, and there are no wealth taxes. There are several investment options to buy citizenship in Malta. If going the real-estate route, foreign buyers must invest at least €350,000 ($394,000) in property or a property-rental contract for at least €16,000 ($18,000) to qualify for citizenship. Malta's program is a citizenship-by-investment program (CIPS), in which wealthy people invest in a country in exchange for citizenship. Once they have citizenship, they then have the fundamental rights of any other citizen of that country — like owning a passport. However, a second passport buys more than a travel document — it also buys them status. Beyond status, there are also physical advantages to owning more than one passport. Investors primarily seek increased global mobility, better security and education, diversified business opportunities and tax-planning strategies, and improved quality of life. Moreover, Malta isn't the only country where you can invest in citizenship — the opportunity is available everywhere from Thailand to Cyprus.