Global Volatility Drives Demand For European Residence Programs
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Global Volatility Drives Demand For European Residence Programs

9 August 2019

Portugal remains the top destination of choice for most investors and entrepreneurs from all over the world. Likewise, wealthy Brazilians are now among the top five nationalities investing in Portugal’s residency program, which includes a minimum real estate investment option of EUR 350,000.

Alan and Partners is also seeing a significant uptick in interest in the Greece Golden Visa Program which requires a minimum property investment of EUR 250,000 and a pathway to citizenship after seven years of residence. With the current tourism boom, acquiring real estate in Greece is now one of the most profitable types of investments, with ample opportunities for capital appreciation in a depressed real estate market.

From being on the brink of bankruptcy a decade ago, Greece is quickly becoming a leading destination for entrepreneurs, remote workers, and digital nomads due to its exceptional and relatively low cost of living.

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