The fundamental objective of investment diversification is to reduce risk. However, one is unable to do so by investing only in ultra-safe government schemes such as Treasury Bills, bonds. Good diversification has been proven to help investors avoid the worst of financial markets ups and downs.

With enough variety in a portfolio, you will usually own some investments that are performing well, while others are performing below average. The assets that are doing well help cushion the blow of those assets that are not performing as well.

Alan and Partners' (AAP) "EB-5" foreign investor program allows potential investors or prospects an opportunity to invest in the United States economy receive a Green Card to live and work in the USA with all their immediate family members 21 and under (un-married) along with numerous benefits.

The AAP "EB-5" foreign investment program requires the prospect to deposit an initial amount of USD$500,000 in a secured US Commercial Bank Escrow account that allows the investor to own a limited partnership position in a "fund" portfolio of new, "trophy" commercial real estate development projects such as Luxury Residential Apartment Communities, High-Class Hotels, and most recently; high-quality Student Housing Rental assets in the United States.

Alan and Partners team has well over 15 years of combined experience and have structured, completed, managed and exited equity investments through multiple business and economic cycles.

Our team has collectively invested $1.75 billion ($USD) through 22 private equity funds and completed transactions in excess of $40 billion ($USD) as part of a 45-year-old investment banking firm based in Tampa, Florida, the USA in a variety of industries and fields; and have most recently, for the past 10 years, been focused on America's foreign employment-based investor program which is referred to as "EB-5".

Since 2009, AAP has assisted over 600 families with their immigration process to USA vis this program, completed 30 successful commercial real estate projects, and invested more than $300 Million in EB-5 equity.

AAP's EB-5 foreign investment program comes along with numerous benefits for the potential investor that includes, but not limited to:

A) Securing the opportunity to move to the United States with your spouse and other unmarried family members below the age of 21, within 14-20 months from initial program application, and receive what is referred to as a "Temporary Green Card" (I-526 Approval).

B) Ability to live and work anywhere in the US after receiving your temporary green card.

C) Ability to travel to and from your homeland without a visa.

D) After some time, the ability to apply and receive dual citizenship.

E) Ability to start a business.

F) Access to education at high-quality, very low or no-cost public primary and secondary schools for your children; and public and private colleges and universities at US resident tuition (school fees) costs.

AAP, through the US Government (USCIS) then issues a permanent green card after roughly 4-5 years from the initial application (known as the I-829) after job creation has been proven and the required waiting period has been performed.

At this point, once all conditions have been met, and the specific fund of assets has been liquidated (sold), the Initial $500,000 principal investment is returned to the applicant.

In addition, to help offset up-front initial costs of a $45,000 administrative fee to AAP and roughly $20,000 in immigration legal/attorney fees, AAP pays the applicant a 2% annual interest rate or $10,000 per year ($50,000 over 5 years) and shares with applicants a small portion of the capital gains or property value increase from initial construction cost to fully fund and asset liquidation/net sale proceeds.

AAP's EB-5 foreign investment program portfolios are actively managed within a framework of institutional discipline and conservative financial culture. Moreover, as a client, you will enjoy the highest levels of service.

The program is predicated on a straightforward, practical investment philosophy: to receive green cards for all immediate family members' un-married and under 21 years of age, move to the USA, receive a reasonable return on investment and capital gain, and get your principal investment amount returned.

Investing successfully means choosing investments that are appropriate to your level of risk tolerance, and this will change over the course of your life. When you are young, you have a long investment time horizon, meaning your money has time to grow in higher risk areas of the market, and any periods where your investments fall don't matter as much in the context of the bigger picture.

Diversification is essential in investing because it's a way to balance risk and reward more effectively in the investment portfolio and the AAP's EB-5 foreign investment VISA program presents the best option because its benefits go beyond the standard benefits that alternative investment programs offer.

Plus, you get the opportunity to live and work in America and eventually become a US Citizen.

Alan and Partners (AAP) has a hugely successful track record and has profitably survived the many economic downturns with minimal impact. Top property developers sponsor its investment in real estate projects in stable, growing markets in the US.

More importantly, AAP's investments are based on sound market fundamentals, conservative assumptions, and negotiation of an investment structure that benefits our EB-5 investors.


Capital City Washington, D.C
Total Area 9,833,520 km2
Languages English
Population 327,167,434 (2018 estimate)
Currency United States dollar ($) (USD)
Visa-Free Countries 183
Nearest Country The US shares its land borders with two nations, Mexico and Canada

Time zone:

  • UTC−4 to −12, +10, +11
  • Summer (DST) UTC−4 to −10

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