Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe
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Citizenship by Investment Program in Europe

19 September 2019

Most people in business, and not only them, choose this method. The essence of it is very straightforward. You buy a passport from the country where you want to live, run a commercial activity.

However, the fact that you pay money doesn’t exclude the need to pass an eligibility check. It’s not worth being afraid if you are an honest person, engaged in the legal business and don’t break the laws.

The essence of the passport by investment program is that you make a voluntary contribution to the country’s economy or buy property in its territory. All documents and application are prepared with the help of a special agent who also conducts the entire process.

With Alan and Partners (A&P) assistance, you increase your chances of success. The company works without intermediaries, only directly with their offices in the necessary country.

The only drawback is that not all EU countries offer permanent residency by investment. 
However, this is not so important because you still get extensive travel to all members of the union.

The term of consideration of the application is from 6 to 15 months, mainly depending on the country.

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