The term citizenship refers to the status of an individual who is recognized under the law of a sovereign state as being a legal member of that state.

Each country has its laws, regulations, and policies as to who is entitled to citizenship, but many of these share common grounds. The most convenient ways in which an individual can become a citizen of a nation include birth within a country, descent from a citizen parent, and naturalization.

Naturalization occurs when a state awards citizenship to individuals who have legally resided in the country for long periods, married a citizen or received political asylum. A less common but ever more popular way of becoming naturalized is through citizenship by investment.

Citizenship by investment provides a direct route to legally acquiring citizenship via an investment or contribution to the economy of a nation. St Kitts and Nevis, Dominica, Grenada, Saint Lucia, Antigua and Barbuda, Malta, and Cyprus, all offer citizenship programs that afford high-net-worth investors the chance to acquire dual citizenship.

Importantly, especially for the Caribbean nations, citizenship can only be acquired if the investor passes the strict due diligence criteria set by the host country. At the end of the process, however, the individual can truly become a citizen of the world.


Citizenship by investment was first established in 1984 by the Federation of St Christopher (St Kitts) and Nevis, a twin-island nation in the Caribbean Sea. Under St Kitts and Nevis Citizenship by Investment Program, applicants were required to make an economic contribution to the country in exchange for full citizenship.

This program is still offered today and recently rebranded itself as the ‘Platinum Standard’ of second citizenship, due to its efficiency and integrity.

St Kitts and Nevis has been a pioneering country for all states looking to adopt investment programs and has most recently announced a new, fast-track service, that ensures the issuance of a passport within 60 days of individuals submitting a satisfactory application.

Many countries now hold the legal provisions that allow their governments to grant citizenship in return for significant contributions to society, the economy, and other state interests. Programs that have strived to maintain a transparent system have flourished and inspired many other nations to launch their programs. The industry has seen tremendous growth, particularly in the past three to four years.


Citizenship by investment provides investors and their families, often including spouses, children, parents, and even grandparents, with the opportunity to legally acquire a new nationality and a second passport quickly and efficiently.

On obtaining dual citizenship, applicants acquire the freedom to travel the world without the lengthy paperwork required for visa applications and other bureaucratic restrictions. The applicant can also take advantage of the business opportunities that abound across the globe, growing their businesses on an international scale.

For those who choose to invest in real estate, dual citizenship comes with the option to turn a dream destination into a home, and a place where children can access top-tier educational institutions and some of the most prestigious schools in the world.

Crucially, second citizenship is for life and can be passed on to applicants’ children – ensuring that protection, economic wellbeing, and educational advantages are available to applicant’s families for generations to come.

Second citizenship holds a different meaning and a different value to every individual, which is why at Alan and Partners, we adopt a client-focused approach and advise you on the best program for your needs.


At Alan and Partners, we offer guidance on the citizenship by investment program of the following countries:

We work closely alongside several Caribbean governments who apply rigorous due diligence checks and provide the highest processing standards, ensuring that you, the applicant, can count yourself among a select number of individuals who have passed thorough background checks.

We are thought leaders in the citizenship by investment industry, study all current solutions, and monitor new developments to ensure our clients are well advised on legal and policy changes.

As each country offers its unique citizenship program, at Alan and Partners, we specialize in finding a solution tailored to our clients’ aspirations and requirements.

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